Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Math and a Freebie

Looking out at the blanket of snow, it is hard to imagine each tiny flake in its six sided uniqueness. But who wants to study a big blob of white - it is much more interesting to look at the magnified images of the crystallized flakes.
For a math unit, I used snow flakes as an anchor theme. For example, I put the number ten in the middle and one number in each arm of the snowflake, then watch my students breeze through six addition facts (10 + each of the numbers in the arms). This, and other innovative snow-themed addition activities are available in my Snow Math Addition packet.
Also available are Multiplication and Subtraction

How are you teaching with snow during this winter storm? Try this freebie... Its a Snowman ABAB patterning sheet - the kiddos will love the cute snowmen.


Enjoy the snow!
- Lisa

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