Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everything About Snowmen

I live outside Chicago and after a cold winter with no snow, we are finally covered with white. The snow is thick and wet, dripping from houses and trees so that everything glistens white - even the sky looks white under a heavy cloud cover.

My kids have built two snowmen - excuse me, snow women - this week, and I'm sure more are on their way. Let's use snowmen as a theme for teaching winter concepts, math, and reading!

In this fun winter packet, students
- learn about snow
- make new words from the letters in snowman related words
- put winter words in ABC order using cards suited for a bulletin board
- practice ABAB patterning
- complete addition and subtraction sentences using snowmen visual cues
- write a short story about a snowman
- practice winter rhyming words
- play a candyland-style board game
- label a snowman
- compare and contrast through a venn diagram

- Lisa

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